675 Raufarhöfn

Raufarhöfn is a fishing village with 250 inhabitants and is the most northerly community in Iceland. Because of its position, Raufarhöfn has the longest days during summer and the shortest ones in winter.

Corpus Delicti: Blossom

A confusing game arises, as borders disappear and the concrete exhibition space extends its architectural volume. By means of Merkli’s special montage technique, inside and outside begin to overlap and be interchanged. -Blossom

Reisenotizen / Ferðabók

Displayed insights into the archive, which resulted by my stays in Iceland. (...) The installation invites guests to imitate my experience: like flâneurs, intuitively carried away by their impulses, can decide, if they want to take home, what they see.

Glitch №1, Conto4056

Stones I wouldn't collect. (Work in progress)

Corpus Delicti: Schwarzwaldallee

Corpus Delicti is part of the F+F Almuni Groupshow: "Downtown Switzerland“ at Schwarzwaldallee Basel, 30.04. - 23.05.2015

Bewegungsstudie mit Gelatine