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«Chästeilet Justistal» at Mesheti Genjevi Center, Ganja City,

Within the frame of the week of the French language and the Francophonie, the Embassy of Switzerland is pleased to present in cooperation with the Executive Authority of Ganja City, two events in the beautiful city of Ganja: a Film projection of the Swiss movie “Heidi” by Alain Gsponer on Thursday, 15.03.2018 at 15h00, at Yeni Azerbaijan Party Building (Ganja city, Atatürk Avenue, 434) as well as a Photography Exhibition by Mr. Cedric Christopher Merkli dedicated to “Chästeilet Justistal /Cheese sharing in Justistal” from 16.03.-15.04.2018, opening ceremony on Friday, 16.03.2018 at 15h00 at the Mesheti Genjevi Cultural Centre (Ganja city, Ettarlar Street). Merkli made especially for this exhibition in Ganja a new collection of photographs dedicated to the antique tradition of the Alp Cheese farmers in Switzerland. This exhibition will plunge the public into a Swiss Alps atmosphere, where they will reconnect with the beauty of the intact nature and learn about antique traditions.

«Since 1739 the traditional "Chästeilet" (cheese distribution) takes place in Justistal. During the summer, alpine farmers produce cheese, using the milk of more than 250 cows. At the end of the summer, the cheese is distributed among the farmers according to a 300 year-old ritual, the "Chästeilet". Afterwards, it comes with the departure back to the Alps, when the cows with the highest milk yield will be crowned with a wreath and accompanied from the farmers dressed in their traditional costumes.»
Opening «Chästeilet Justistal» with local sweets and brought along Cheese from the Justistal. © Photo Tobias
Opening «Chästeilet Justistal» at Mesheti Genjevi Center, on Friday, 16.03.2018 © Photo Tobias


Hanro Areal

-Photo of the Office in front of the Office, 03.05.2018

ID Accessoires - Merian Gärten Basel

Shoot with Noé (Scout Models) @ Merian Gärten Basel
/ Auf dem Wolf
Styling: Amanda S. Brooke
Assistance & Making of: Cara Cold
For ID Accessoires - Imke Disselhoff
Collection Summer 2017 -
Imke Disselhoff Accessoires Collection Summer 2017 © CEDRIC CHRISTOPHER MERKLI
Behind the scene: Imke Disselhoff Accessoires Collection Summer 2017 © Photo: Cara Cold
Imke Disselhoff Accessoires Collection Summer 2017 © CEDRIC CHRISTOPHER MERKLI